The Growing Church in Zambia!

Here we are in May already…WOW! We hope your year has been filled with lots of great memories and health!

We have been very busy holding conferences, building sister churches and church benches, building and distributing PET handicap tricycles, working on our plans for the new Livingstone center, and we have much more planned for the year.

We want to bring some of the highlights to your attention. Let me remind you, as well, that you can follow these events as they happen on FaceBook. We really encourage you to join. These posts are loaded with pictures and videos!! We have two main pages…

  • New Life Center Zambia
  • PET Zambia.

First… we just held the 2019 Holy Spirit Encounter here at NLC. This was, once again, a very special time for our pastors and leaders of the Zambia UMC Conference. We had a number of speakers from Zambia; Rev. Kenneth Kalichi, Rev. Robert Kilembo, Chaplain Beatrice Soko, Rev. Delbert Groves as well as Rev. Scott George, along with his wife Tammi and daughter Alison, from PineCastle UMC, Orlando, Florida. This was the 5th time for Pastor Scott to join us. Our time together was simply outstanding! The words of faith and encouragement to the leadership of our growing Zambia United Methodist Church is always so very important for those that are pioneering the way! It refreshes all of us to keep going in our work for the Lord Jesus Christ.

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