Investing in the Future Leaders of the Church

COVID may be slowing down our ministries and what we can do, but God is still working! Limiting the number of attendees to follow health restrictions, New Life Center hosted the UMC youth leadership training this year. It’s said a lot – the youth are the future of the church.  We say it a lot because it is true. Investing in the youth means investing in the future. We want the church to be filled with leaders who are servant-minded, grounded in the Word, honest, discerning, and most of all truly love the Lord. This doesn’t happen overnight. It takes intentionality, time, work, love, mentorship, encouragement, challenging them, patience, wisdom, and truth. Seeds have to be planted and watered, and given time to grow.

This training taught on everything from servant leadership to financial integrity. Our prayer is for strong future leadership in the body of Christ.

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