7 PETs to Kalomo

Today we traveled an hour and half outside of Livingstone to Kalomo with 7 P.E.T.s in tow. The Ministry of Education there reached out to request for help for 7 children in their district in desperate need of mobility. Most of the children had been traveling on crutches, on the back of a bicycle, or by being carried on someone’s back for nearly 3 kilometers each way, every day to get to school.
We were met by the teachers advocating for the children from the different schools, the District Manager of Education and a local news person recording the event.
I sat with the children and listened to each of their heart wrenching stories of disability and daily trials. We reminded the children that God has a bigger plan in all of this and they have a calling and a purpose, even in the midst of their struggles. We told them that God sees them…and calls them blessed. This gift of mobility is just a reminder that he loves them and knows their hearts. He never leaves them and will always bring help when we cry out to him in our struggles.♥️