Working Towards Sustainable Preschool Education

Possibilities Preschool was built with the support of Possibilities Abound, Inc in Kawama next to Grace UMC a few years ago. We at New Life Center entered this partnership with Possibilties Abound with the idea that a preschool could be a way to help the community and one of our sister churches.

There has always been a need for more quality preschools that give a solid start to a child’s education. Churches often struggle with their finances and in ways to help serve the communities in a practical way. We saw a long time ago that maybe we could do something to help meet both these needs – partner a preschool with a church. The church provides the location; the preschool helps the community and brings in some church income by “renting” the location with a small percentage of their income.

It has been a bumpy road as we have navigated this venture with that wonderful but sometimes elusive goal of self-sustainability before us. Providing quality education at a reasonable price that allows the school to be maintained properly and the teachers to be paid a reasonable wage. Every year we have made changes to help us on this road to get closer to the goal.

COVID has made things extra challenging with the government closing schools down at different points last year and this year but we are still hopeful as we have seen some promising changes this year – an increase in the quality of education and the number of paying students which increases the overall income, getting us closer to seeing the preschool become self-sustaining. We aren’t there yet but we are getting closer!

Thank you to the preschool staff – Teachers Rose, Jane, and Elizabeth – for all their hard work in caring for these kids and helping them with a solid educational foundation.

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